OHS Audits & Inspections.

Project Description

OHS Audits and Inspections:

OHS Audits

We conduct OHS audits in your workplace in accordance with relevant legislative and industry standards to ensure you are compliant, and include employee interviews, observations of site, equipment, and operations and review of processes and practices.

Detailed reports will be provided highlighting your strengths and opportunities for improvement and document corrective action plans to close safety gaps identified.

OHS Inspections:

A safety inspection is conducted during normal working conditions or operations to identify hazards and risks, and is both methodical and documented.  Inspections are a legal requirement to identify risks and hazards and an effective approach to safety through “fresh eyes”. It requires input of team members through discussions of work practices.

A comprehensive report is provided from completed inspections, demonstrating compliance and document any findings.

Desk Top OHS Audits:

This includes a review of your organisation’s documentation, including policies and procedures to ensure they are current, compliant and fit for your business operations.

OHS Sign Audit:

Signage Audits can be internal or external.  Safety signs are a form of communication, and in the hierarchy of control are known as “Administrative controls”.  We conduct reviews to ensure your signs are legible, give appropriate direction and instruction, and are correctly located on site.

Photographic Reporting:

Following the completion of the inspections, you are provided with a detailed photographic report.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so you can use photos and images to communicate our reported findings. **

** Any high risk activities observed during any audit or inspection are addressed immediately.

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